Plymouth County, Massachusetts
Plymouth County, Massachusetts

Plymouth County OPEB Trust (PCOT)

PCOT Investment Committee Meeting
  • When: April 17, 2020 - (8:30 am)
  • Where: Plymouth County Commissioners Office, 44 Obery Street, Plymouth, MA

Plymouth County OPEB Trust (PCOT)
Delivering Your Full Service OPEB Solution

The Plymouth County OPEB Trust (PCOT) is a ready-to-use, IRC Section 115 multiple-employer, irrevocable trust program established by Plymouth County and the County Treasurer to assist public entities in Plymouth County and neighboring counties pre-fund retiree healthcare liabilities, otherwise known as Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB). PCOT's GASB 45 and M.G.L. 32B:20 compliant trust structure was developed in response to GASB 45 and has an IRS Private Letter Ruling that covers all members that join.

PCOT is available to public entities in Plymouth, Barnstable, Bristol, and Norfolk counties. PCOT is administered by a national leader in OPEB trust administration, Public Agency Retirement Services (PARS) and utilizes the largest trustee of OPEB assets in the nation, U.S. Bank.

Plymouth County OPEB Trust (PCOT)

Why Join PCOT?
  • No upfront/start-up costs
  • No minimum contributions
  • No funding requirements or commitments
  • Segregated trust accounts for each member with no joint liabilities
  • Actively managed investment pool with oversight by the Investment committee
  • Legal, administrative, and investment economies of scale
  • Signature-ready master trust documents
  • IRS Private Letter Ruling that protects all members and their retirees
  • Investment fiduciary protections
  • Local autonomy and control

Thomas O'Brien, Plymouth County Treasurer - 508-830-9130 /

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